I just had this question posed to me in an email. “Do you think 3 hours is a good amount?” Here’s a peak into my email sent folder to see how I responded!

Hi Jane Doe (not her real name). Great to hear you’d like to book. Regarding your question about 3 hours, I’d say it depends on your guests. 3 hours is definitely enough time to allow everyone to go through the photo booth at least once (and for some 5 or 10 times, which is great). The only reason I’d book for more than 3 hours is if I thought my guests were going to have a great time with the photo booth and use it all night. I’ve seen it happen before, with a line at the photo booth for 4, 5, or even 6 hours. At only $49/hour, some couples find booking the extra time is well worth it to make the booth available for their guests all night.

You may also want to consider your schedule. Some people want the booth for cocktail hour and dancing. Some people feel that having the booth open for 3 hours during dancing is plenty.

I may have answered your question a little too thoroughly. If you have questions about this, I completely understand.