Cornerstone Entertainment DJ Services

As a full-service DJ serving Lake Tahoe, Reno, Northern California, and beyond, I will help you from the moment you contact me through the completion of your event. My goal is to make sure your event is one everyone will remember. Here is some of what I have to offer…

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I play everything you want to hear. I know all the right questions to ask to ensure you and your guests are happy with the music mix.


People compliment me on my microphone skills more than anything else. My announcement style is professional, classy, and entertaining. My goal isn’t to be the center of attention (that’s for the bride & groom!), so I keep my announcements clear and concise. But I’m friendly with guests, and I make sure to provide all needed information so no one is left guessing what will happen next.

Two Sound Systems

Two sound systems means I can provide audio for the ceremony and the reception with no break in music in between the two.

Shure QLXD

Wireless Microphones

For the ceremony, there will be a wireless headset microphone for the officiant. There will be a wireless handheld microphone for bride, groom, or anyone else. The wireless handheld microphone will also be used during the reception for toasts and announcements.

Dance Floor Lighting

We include some of the best dance floor lighting you’ll find. Clients say the lighting really helps with the dance floor atmosphere.


I help with planning the ceremony and the reception schedule. I will be in charge of the reception schedule on the wedding day (cooperating with your wedding planner, if applicable). It shouldn’t be your job to think about what happens next on your wedding day. Your job is to have fun!

Lighted Monograms

I can put your names in lights on the dance floor or a wall. My high-powered projector cuts through daylight and can be seen in almost any environment.


Do you have a special video or slideshow to share with your guests? My high-powered projector creates beautiful images and video in almost any environment, including daylight. I use an 8-foot by 6-foot screen. Slideshow audio is routed through my sound system.

Remote Ceremonies & Mobile Power

I can DJ anywhere. If your ceremony is in a remote location, I can go battery powered. Batteries ensure you won’t be distracted by a noisy generator at your tranquil ceremony location.

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We require 50% of the booking fee, which can be paid in installments. 50% is normal in the wedding and photo booth industries.

I usually arrive at least 3 hours before I start unless otherwise instructed. I like to be punctual and prepared. I will be set up well before your guests arrive.

You can select as much music as you would like. Most of my clients want me to select the majority of the music based on how the crowd responds. However, I’m here to work for you and will play exactly what you want.

Black suit and tie. The jacket will come off when it’s hot, but I make sure it’s on for announcements.

Absolutely, but this is up to you. If you want me to take guest requests, that’s great. If you only want me choosing the music I think your guests will enjoy, that’s great too.

Yes. We are insured by State Farm. Our liability policy covers up to $1,000,000 per incident and $2,000,000 per year. We’ve never made a claim.

Never. Attempting more than one event in a day wouldn’t allow me the energy and attention that an event deserves. I want to always be rested and prepared for my clients.

This can’t be answered quickly, but I’m asked this a lot. First, I work on creating a good dance floor atmosphere before the wedding even begins. I discuss with my clients what music their guests will like. I also set up dance floor lighting, which sets a great atmosphere for dancing.

When dance time starts, I read the dance floor and play songs based on this.

When the dance floor needs more people, I often announce I take song requests … as long as the person will dance to it!

If a dance floor really needs a jump start, I grab a microphone, head to the dance floor, and teach everyone a dance like the Cupid Shuffle.

I’ll even pull older or younger folks onto the floor to dance with me (provided the bride/groom have okayed that in advance).

I can do this most of the time. Please let me know if you are considering this so we can plan accordingly.

I have backup equipment for everything. Backup solutions are wired in so they can be implemented seamlessly. I don’t take chances with the most important day of your life.

DJs told me I needed to DJ weddings and events long before I even considered DJing. I have always presented well and been comfortable with a microphone. I love music and I love coordinating for people. I like my job!