Last weekend, I had the pleasure of DJing for Kimberly and Tyler’s wedding reception in Clarksburg, CA. Kimberly has been a longtime friend, and I’ve appreciated getting to know Tyler over the last couple months, so the experience was a lot of fun.

I arrived to the wedding site, Clarksburg Community Church, an hour and fifteen minutes early. It’s a good thing I arrived when I did. I stepped through the door to see two men trying to butter knife their way into a closet. The door hinge pins were removed as well, but they still couldn’t get in. ┬áThe closet contained all the audio controls for the sanctuary in which Kimberly and Tyler would have their ceremony. Unfortunately, no one had showed up to open the closet. I’m no locksmith, but I set a speaker up on a stand quickly in the sanctuary, and the ceremony had audio.

The reception went much more smoothly for me. And Kimberly and Tyler had a small, but very classy, wedding reception!

Tyler and Kimberly Hanlon's Wedding Reception