A couple of us from Cornerstone Entertainment, Thomas and me, had the pleasure of spending Wednesday night with students from the University of Chicago Booth Business School. (NOTE: This is the #1 business school in the United States! And they don’t study photo booths. They simply had a donor named Booth.)

The students were awesome. They were divided into teams, and each team dressed in similar costumes. Thus, there was a Crayola team dressed as Crayola crayons. Another team dressed as the band Kiss. We had Star Wars, Trolls, cops, the U.S. Olympic team, the Anchorman news team, and more. Needless to say, we got some great shots.

We brought two booths with us, the Portrait Booth and the Social Booth. The business school wanted prints in the style of the Luxury Booth, and that wasn’t a problem with the Portrait Booth. If you want to know how the business school got Luxury Booth-style prints with the Portrait Booth, just ask!

Our Social Booth is brand new, and we’re still making improvements, but it still captured some great photos and animated GIFs (boomerangs) even with the students operating it on their own most of the night.

Thanks so much to the University of Chicago Booth Business School for inviting us to their 2018 ski trip party. We had a blast with you guys!

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