Shortly before I became a DJ, my wife and I attended a friend’s wedding. The ceremony was beautiful. It happened at sunset at a vineyard. It should have been a fairy-tail ceremony. But there was one major problem: We couldn’t hear the officiant or anyone else who spoke into the microphone. It didn’t die. It was the wireless signal. The signal cut in and out throughout the ceremony. It ruined the experience for every guest who wanted to hear what was said.

As a DJ, this is my nightmare.

This nightmare can easily become reality. I’ve heard other vendors complain about increased wireless interference within the last two years from the multitude of wireless signals being transmitted everywhere. You may now be asking, “Drew, how do you sleep at night?” Here are three reasons I can rest easy:

  1. I’ve attended training by Shure, the premier microphone company in the world. I’ve been instructed on how wireless microphone signal is broadcast and how to optimize a system for best performance.
  2. I always have a wired microphone on a 100-foot cable ready to go in case of wireless signal loss. I’ve never had to use it. However, I wish the DJ at my friend’s wedding switched to a wired microphone!
  3. I recently spent $1,400 to upgrade my primary ceremony microphone system. The picture above is from a recent wedding at the Landing Resort & Spa in South Lake Tahoe. The mounted black paddle, which is pointed at the bride and groom, is a directional antenna. It’s connected to a new Shure QLXD wireless microphone receiver. This might sound like geeky DJ talk, which it is, but trust me, the equipment is awesome – likely the best in Tahoe.

A DJ’s nightmare can quickly become a bride and groom’s nightmare too. My job is to make sure this NEVER happens. Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life. Because of this, I will ALWAYS treat it as such. And I will always go the extra mile to make sure my job is done right.